Our Team of Experts

We have designated an accomplished and capable team of specialists that helps us in giving best and dependable human resource solutions for our customers occupied in a diverse range of industries and businesses. Our group evaluates and appreciates the clients labor prerequisites by methods by solid correspondence and examining clients profiles, which makes us fit for offering comprehensive HR solutions. 

We have fortified our group with the most developed research capacities that enables us to get to information bank at worldwide dimension. We have confidence in our close coordination with customers that agrees us to offer suitable recruitment arrangements. To coordinate with the timetables with rapid administration execution, our committed specialists having top to bottom information of a specific domain offers dependable, financially savvy and adaptable Human Resource and Management Services.

Our Top Management Team

  • S.M. MISBHAN - Deputy General Manager

     +9477 666 1 666   hr@alakeem.com

    As a General Manager of this Company, it is my heart felt pleasure to perform my responsibilities in a company which very clearly identifies the hidden talents of their staff and thereby re-invest the time & energy to mould them into a beautiful product of Al Akeem. This type of motivation & training has never been given by any company in this industry.

  • Sujeewa Wickramasinghe - Admin Manager

     +94777248646    admin@alakeem.com 

    First of all I am thankful to Al Akeem for giving me the opportunity to provide the service as an Administration Manager. It is my great pleasure to fulfill my responsibilities for Al Akeem since this is the only Company which understand & empower more responsibilities & thereby acknowledge it very respectfully on individual basis. Also Al Akeem has a vision & no sooner will be the Number One in this industry, it has proved the entire nation with facts & figures. I vouch that I am very much proud to be another loyal partner at Al Akeem. I wish all the very best for the future endeavours.

  • Nimali Dhammika - Recruitment Manager

     +94778482094    dom@alakeem.com 

    I have a very good history of my service with Al Akeem. It goes back to more than 12 long years of during the time that I joined Al Akeem there was only 5 staff members working. At present we are a fully equipped team of 40 proudly represents Al Akeem. I am proud to see the immense progress that Al Akeem. Therefore, I am very much proud to say that no sooner the number 1 recruitment company in this country.

  • U.M. DUSHAN - Operation Manager

     +94770811193   operations@alakeem.com 

    My career life starts at Al Akeem at very young age. I step by step and A-Z of this industry learned through my Chairman & it paved the way succes towards my future, which I am enjoying right now. I am very much glad to say today Al Akeem has identified my skills & talents and in respect, Company has empowered with more responsibilities & has upgrade me as Senior Operations Manager.