Our services

At Al Akeem Manpower Consultancy, we offer a full scope of recruitment solutions & services: from checking of work advertised and the recruitment of the best applicants, to appraisal of the potential and aptitudes of the competitors, to the assessment of the viability of the recruitment forms in your organization. 

We discover the best talent that you require for your business, in the nick of time and in the area where you require them. We are working with opening at all dimensions: from the back-office to the line staff, from the Chiefs of coordinations and to the drivers, from the Best administration and very qualified experts to mass staff, including contact focuses, merchandisers, sellers and secretaries. 

We work precisely on all opportunities that you need to be completed right now whether it is the situation of a single unit on a perpetual activity or a couple of hundred individuals for the transient venture. 

What separate Al Akeem Manpower Consultancy from others? We have figured out how to look and assess talent and Skill. We can precisely survey the aptitudes of applicants. What's more, we will assist you with making an educated choice on how the experience and capabilities of the applicant will address the issues of your orgnization. Working with us, you will have the capacity to tackle business issues, without diverting your assets for tedious observing of work market and arrangements with them.

Our Services

Our Focus is on Quality and not Quantity. Our Aim is to make the process of recruitment more efficient and effortless for our customers and for the benefit of candidate seeking employment 

How do we satisfy our prestigious clients when they come for personal interviews ...

  • On receipt of the job order we launch a very big advertisement campaign through electronic & print media.
  • On receipt of the travel itinerary we prepare a full action chart & sending in advance.
  • All the travel arrangements through luxury vehicle free of charge.
  • Hotel arrangements on request
  • Provide free T.phone facility with international access.
  • Arranging a good numbers of applications for each interview to fulfill the requirements.
  • Before the Interview commence briefing the applicants, how to face the interview with confidence (much concerned about applicant’s dress code)
  • Forwarding applicants for the interview in a very professional manner (individual file containing original passport, job Applications, relevant experience certificates, and photograph).
  • We never interfere while the interview is in progress & we let delegates to continue in a smooth & a peaceful manner
  • Arranging site seeing after the interview schedule.
  • Presenting souvenirs under the particular name of the company.
  • Air port drop will be arranged on time.
  • Our hospitality is un-comparable & we handle the delegates in a very responsible manner